Monday, March 14, 2011

Light Your Path

Everyone has a light in their hearts. Some choose to let it unlit, some choose to light it. The problem is, have you lighted it correctly?

A recent events has escalated so fast that my heart and soul barely grasp it tight enough. First, I was a 'nobody', then I became 'somebody'. Alright, I am not trying to TTM here, but it's true, I realise that this sem, the light in me is shining so bright that I blinded myself... accidentally.

Low profile eh!

I remembered I was a small little kid (triple redundance here, who cares?), studying quietly in UTAR, throughout the foundation semesters, and up to degree. Till one day, Isaac SMSed me.

"Hey, wanna teach keyboard?"

There, the story of a legend has begun...

Still being solitairy as my animalistic behaviour, I quietly taught, quietly study and quietly sleep. No mixing around with those committees or tutors. Just being me and my class. Closed-door policy. Nobody even knew what was I doing in class. Ngek ngek...

Then starting from last semester, things got heated up. First with my ever first UTAR performance for Musical Gathering (actually I wasn't the performer, just a cameo), it sucks but at least it was my first. Then 2nd performance at FE night. It sucks too.

Then this semester, wohoa, I think I got short-circuit for a while. Suddenly I started to get along with NUMEROUS people within a very short time. If I were to plot a graph, I think the graph would be an exponential graph.

First was JuanWyn, then Jocelynn, DomDom (silly me, I didn't even know she was my ex-school mate!), Edison, SunShine (it's because I didn't want to talk to her last time. XD) and ... whoever else...

Then, got this Booth duty made me realise I have to be like when I was in National Service. Talk. Talk a lot. But not so much rubbish. Then this and that, I suddenly found myself on the way to BotC.

The 'High Profile' worm in my mind is wriggling, asking me to join this and that. Expose here and there. Yeah, you want to know the scientific name of the worm eh, you nerdy scientists? Altiverminus Profilus....

I think someone kickstarted that worm in me. I have kept it hibernating so well for one year, it's impossible I am the one who wake it up

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