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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best Buddy?

Yeah rite, jodoh. It seems so true and yet so fake. What do you guys think? I personally don't believe in fate anyway, maybe because fate is just an excuse for everyday's event.

"What about your friends? How you manage to know them?"
"Bah~ it's just knowing and fun-ing. Nothing much..."
"I mean your best friend."
"Huh? What do you mean my best friend? I just make friends wherever I go if possible."
"That's sad..."
"Sad because you don't have a best friend."
"Best friend huh? Really that necessary?"
"Yeah, you can share your secrets and share to burden with your besties."
"Err, I don't have secrets... and my ordinary friends can help me with the burden as well..."
"What about sometimes you need an ear and a shoulder. Who do you turn to?"
"Err... are you interrogating me?"
"Just concern about you..."
"So, does that make you my best friend?"
"Of course not, that sounds so gay."
"Yeah. Don't you think like, erm, a boy having a best friend is gay-ish?"
"What the... who gave you that kind of idea huh?"
"Err, no one?"
"Then you are supposing that boys should be lonely except with girls huh?"
"I didn't say so... I mean like, you can have a best buddy."
"What's the difference between best friend and best buddy?"
"It doesn't sound gay when you said 'hey, this is my buddy', instead of the other..."
"Nice theory."
"It's a norm."
"It's a myth."
"So you think I should find a best friend - uh, I mean best buddy?"
"Yeah, you should. Buddies rocks!"
"I am a study type, only twenty percent of me loves playing."
"Then find a study buddy!"
"Err... excuse me?"

So, have one teeny-weeny question, and in fact, is the stupidest of all.
Anyone cared to be my new best buddy?

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