Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One VS One

Bah, this has nothing to do with previous post, or even DotA, or Counter-strike, or whatever.

Hmm, I don't know where to start. People are asking me why I expose my blog when blog is supposed to be private. First thing first, my blog was never intended to be private. I don't remember writing private stuff. OK, fine, the Wanderer series, Red tree vs Green tree, those are private, but hey, what I mean is, it's not confidential.

I intend to let people read, because certain posts, I wish people won't follow my footsteps, and certain posts, I want to share with you all about life. I remembered I only posted one offensive post at the birth of this blogspot last October, but hey, I was only being naughty. =P

OK, back from ketam-ing, this post is about me (I figured out I am getting more and more narcissistic and self-centred. Gosh!). I am getting happier by the day since last week. I don't know why, maybe something in me has arisen.

Then, recently, I talked to my friends one vs one (yeah, that's the title). DomDom, WeiWei, Isaac, Qi Wen and of course, Juan Wyn. And by this one vs one chat, hmm, how to put it... I managed to know many things deeper. No, not about relationships, just, erm, you know, how life is going to be and some nonsense.

It has been a while since I chatted so much (I know I am a chatterbox) and I feel good, as if everything has been poured out from me so that I can start afresh (or anew, if you want to argue).

I am so sorry that I didn't treat my friends well (Disclaimer: the word 'treat' does not include any meanings similar to 'belanja'). I think next time, I will pay more attention to my friends (of course my family comes first).

Today I did a bad thing. I know V is coming, but yet I still moved away. LOL. It wasn't intentional. My friends asked me to go to the other side. When I saw V coming to find me, and saw me at the other side, fuhhhh, I felt so bad about it. LOL. Sorry! (maybe I perasan, but I don't think V was finding me at all. LOL. Either way, it is bad to leave someone alone).

Bla bla bla, yeah right, I accidentally, unintentionally, surprisingly become the UTAR Karaokay Competition helper. Weird. Well, going for meeting later at 9pm.


[PS: I think this post doesn't reflect my previous personality. As if I really become so much happier...]

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