Sunday, March 20, 2011

Metamorphosis II

I learned from Celcom Youth Ambassadors project that 'change' is very important. All the while, I changed little and little, hardly noticeable, unless you closed yourself in a room for 3 years and came out again to meet me.

This time, I plan to change. Fast.

Why I changed slow last time? Because I don't want to lose contact with my friends. Imagine another ME in the next few days, they would be very apprehensive. They would think that I am having some kind of fever or even a psychology breakdown.

I am not going to list down what I am going to change. The list is too long and the time is too short. Don't blame the time, blame myself. But hey, I am not that self-sympathetic. I said change and I will.

Why the sudden change?

Because this semester, I got to know a friend, and... yeah, he is awesome... (since he likes to be called that way, XD), but, for me, when I see him, I am actually seeing a soul splinter of me. Meaning, there is something in him that looks like me, but now he isn't. He tries to accomodate things quickly. Freak Adaptation.

And I realised I am not.


Because of the previous famous slogan: Don't ask, don't care; don't care, don't do; don't do, don't mind.

Now, I am going to change that point of view.

Beginning with a smile (because I can't smile well for the past decades, why? Because I was fierce and strict ever since primary 5).

I remembered one of my lost friends in Form 5 told me, he would happily change that, making me smile more. I was touched. He said, he would try his best to make me smile till I succeeded.

So, guys, if you see me smile before I post this message, you see me smiling, that's because of the help of my lost friend. After this post, I am going for a huge makeover.


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