Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vispa-Ahn's Apprentice

Artist impression only. More details can be found in my novel

Vispa-Ahn is a Rogue in my story that controls the night and stars. With two pairs of eyes and five Spirit flags as well as riding on a beast called Sturlom, they all are silhouetted in shades of yellow and black.

Some abilities of Vispa-Ahn are creating Spirit Snares, Spirit Storm, Spirit Ram and Spirit Dragon, all with the use of his five Spirit Flags. Souls that he slain are kept in his flag to be summoned and he, arguably, was the most fearsome Rogue ever walked on the world.

His Apprentice - Nikeshga, is another terrible Lady. A Spirit Snare that gained intelligence and life, she is able to turn every one into ghosts at her will. Her radiance kills the lights of most people and her life-leeching ability is unbearable. Often known as Banshee, she haunts the mind of those who are dying or deserve to die, and then she killed them in their sleep.

No one ever saw her true body, only her Goddess like face.

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