Monday, March 28, 2011


I once discarded the idea of having a best friend. Now, the idea is seeping back into my mind, making me extremely emotional when there is a candidate for it.


Here, I apologize for being so idiotic because I keep on posting blogs about self-pitying and licking own wounds.

Life isn't just about myself, it's about others. Considering myself strange, I am so outward pushing to care people till I sometimes forgot about myself. Ha. I think I just saw my exact opposite nowadays: inward pushing to care ownself till sometimes forgot about others.

Anyway, conclusion is, I am strange.

As my brother, Amirul, said before: "Find the Good in Big Mistake". I think I am having some time to digest this. I have done this before, but recent events have escalated me into someone who is so sensitive to people's welfare and being.

Argh squared.

Now, I think my feeling is fluctuatin violently, but no one seems to understand. You know why? Because I made friends from different 'clans', so some 'clans' don't know certain things about me while others do. Ha. It's OK. It's nothing big. I've experienced this in Form 3, so I guessed I would come along by Form 4. LOL.

It actually happens because many of my new friends are actually leaving me for their studies and future purposes. Besides Juan Wyn who is going to Setapak, Wei Fa is leaving for Melaka, Faruq and Desmond are graduating, many helpers from Karaokay Competition are leaving for Setapak as well and one more thing is, Amirul is gone from Facebook! I can't find him! You know how I feel when I lost someone close like a brother!

Argh cubed.

I can't believe all these are happening around me. OMG. I think I must have done something terribly this semester, that's why someone is punishing me eh? Or testing me? LOL. I confess, I am a little bit late to know you all. Semester 3 is not a good semester to know new people huh? Just like my Foundation Facebook status: "3 is not a good number in a relationship". LOL. I have just written my own prophecy. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

Argh exponented.

Guys, I am really sorry for not spending enough time with y'all

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