Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Chair with No Legs

Today, I sat on a chair with no legs. It wasn't like that. It had legs once, but something had wrought it off and let me fell off the ground hard. So hard that my heart thumped in a single, deep, heavy beat.

I never expect things would spiral out of control. How I wish to turn back the time during Week 1 or Week 2 of this semester. How I wish I didn't hope someone to fail. I am thinking back and realised how evil I was.

I don't even deserve to be a friend, and yet things happened as they did.

I am not EMO-ing or depressing, I am just regret for what I've done. If only... *sigh* it's impossible now. The only thing is, wish luck.

That's it, I created my own heartstomper. I was supposed to be nice from Week 2 onwards, but I took things for granted. I avoided this and that, serious in this and that, and now, the consequence is, I lost this and that.

The best time I had in this semester, is probably the last time.

Enya said it right, "A moment lost, forever gone, can never be again" from this song:

It's only now when words are said
that break my heart in two,
I wonder at how you endure
all I've said, all I say to you.

How strong, how brave, how true of you
to bear the hurt I gave.
I know it tears your heart in two;
all I've said, all I say to you.

After all the words are said,
after all the dreams we made;
every one a precious one,
every one a summer sun...

A moment lost, forever gone,
can never be again,
so know how much it mean to me;
all you said,
all you gave,
all your love to me.

I am truly sorry for what I have done to you this semester. Forgive me.

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