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Monday, March 21, 2011

I Am No Man

I overheard some boys sitting behind me, chatting happily of how to have paktorlogy and how to be manly. And I heard something some sort like this:

"You know har, usually boys love big cars, rock songs, then only they can be more man. They must be tough, and have that kind of look that it's masculine you know! Otherwise, that's not a man!"

I was like... Jawdropped.

First, I don't favour cars. I don't even like sports cars. Because I only love one brand: BMW, and that never change my stand. 2nd, I don't love rock songs. I like sentimental, instrumental, New Age and Pop Ballad. 3rd, I am super delicate at people's emotion and wellbeing.

So, I was, and never, a man.

I will be like this as this is my identity.

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