Friday, March 4, 2011

NIght Has Light

Even my not-so-close friend can notice my depressed face. Oops, not EMO face yeah? Depressed. It means my eyes are a little tired, mouth downturn but still able to smile and talk, and get tired easily.

Beyond my own coursemate and some other mates from under the same faculty, I have other friends, but sadly, weird enough, is it this year's Foundation (not stereotyping) students are a little bit immature in the way of their talking? Some spoke of never-ending girlfriend stories, some spoke of fashion and beauty.

OK, fine, I know my brain is as old as a 70-year-old. But hey, I don't face this problem when I chat with my classmates or coursemates. Ada masalah ke?

It was like, you are in a house, full of friendly and warm faces, and when you stepped out, there's nothing there except darkness.

You speak to squirrels and they sprinted off.

You speak to fish and they swam.

You speak to a tree and a leaf fell.


But at least, I can still see the moon or stars in the darkness. There is hope, when your dreams hold true. I will continue to hold this dream and still, my mission, my ultimate mission, is to break the Cycle (still want me to repeat the definition of Cycle in my life? No, not bicycle you doofus!)

And I am being troubled by two opposing forces:

HIGH profile vs LOW profile

Which is better?

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