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Saturday, March 5, 2011


I lost my soul to music. I remembered last time when I was in secondary school, people who knows how to play instruments are treated like rare breed, pure breed, sacred and whatever sainthood names.

"Learning music needs talent!" I heard someone said.

All I can say is, talent is nothing. You create your own talent. It's not innate. Everyone's brain is the same when they are born. If you choose to glue your butt and watch TV or computer all the time, then you've got a - sadly - retarded mind. If you choose to read those romance/love novels or comics, then you've got a - sadly, as well - a mind that has wild but impractical imagination.

I learn music because I want to, not I deserve to. And because of music, I realise that everyone has a unique mind that resonates at a certain sound.

That sound, is the sound of talent.

Some people, when you mix with them, you get a loud ring like a bell. That tells you their minds are clear and sharp, ready to put on some real work. Some people has a blabbering bell, very annoying and irritating. You would put off as many distance as possible with them.

Here, in UTAR, I found another big but complicated family - Music Club, Weekly Classes division. I find many people with vast knowledge, skills and characters. Be it negative or positive, life is exciting when you have both.

Violinist like WeiFa and Richard, Guitarist like JuanWyn and Keyboardist like WeiWei and Edison (sorry, just to name a few), this people made up my rojak life.

Someone in those division asked me to be like before, during secondary, where I stood respected and trusted, where people are relieved enough to give me work and projects.

But I said 'No'. I don't know why I said that. Low profile? Or lazy?

Anyway, love music. That's all that matters.

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