Sunday, March 20, 2011

Album Leaf

I have a great book. It's called Album Leaf. In there, is a collection of all the great people or special people's voices and thoughts. They are my friends whom I considered special and needs to be remembered.

This book, filled with advices, comments and thoughts that never fails to delight me everytime I open it and read.

There is one, from my NS buddy, Fizan and his fiance Ikin
Thum Enyi, a music lover...
Cindy, my novel fans and an impressive artist...
Yee Shuen, my novel graphic illustrator and joker...
Zi Han, a good friend known since end of primary 2 and a soon-to-be doctor...
Pei Qi, a prefect whose attitude resembles Weiwei, but more able in doing things...
Eyh Looi, a squad leader. although she is small, but she is strong and firm...
Acap, a dorm member, and Firdaus, whom I treat them as my little brothers...
Yee Pei, a fantastic Earth lover who shares the same viewpoint of life as mine...
Wai Meng, a silent student but a black horse, good in Chinese debating...

OK, I'll stop ketam-ing here, in other words, not many I have chosen to let them write in my book. Not because I am picky, but with the emergence of Facebook, you can simply contact anyone. And for some reasons, some words are better be kept in the book, some sort of reminiscing.

There's one verse, written by a friend, named Han Loong. He wrote to me on that book:

When everyone is concerned whether you fly high or not
Only a few will be concerned whether you are tired.
This is called friend.
Do you know
You are talented
So you don't have to worry whether you are flying high
You need to know
When you are tired,
Please come back, we are waiting for you.

This verse (verses, whatever) greatly affects me because I thought I was the only one doing the caring friends. But this friend of mine, shares the same perspective. That even strengthen my will, to help all my friends in the world if possible, tend their wounds and give them a lift.

Aquarius, true hallmark of a peace and tranquility bringer (according to Concised Oxford English Dictionary).

I will live up to my name.

I promise.

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