Sunday, March 13, 2011

KTJ - Battle of the Composers

Warning: If you want to potong the ketam (Cut the crap), just skip the entire italic pink part, that would be more concise, but not detailed. LOL.

Saturday, I woke up at 5am, after rehearsing with JuanWyn. Then I go for that stupid Credit Analysis and Lending midterm exam. Damn tough and insufficient time to finish. Not to say the exam starts at 8.10 and ends at 9.40... AND... the lecturer didn't pass those attendance list around, making us SQUEEZE to sign our names at 9,40. By the time I finished signing and submitting the paper, it's already 10.05.

(My friends said my eyes were too small, tired, dark, bloodshot, and exhausted. True)

Yeah, guess what, I am late for the 'appointment' at JuanWyn's house. 3 times late in the semester. I never been late before in anything. Embarrassed by the course that Mr Soong has to pick me up at my doorstep (VIP weyh! LOL)

Makan at Tesco (11am), braised chicken rice with egg. Not so yummy, a bit salty. (Come on, it's Tesco, people). Then flew to Ipoh to Mr Soong's studio-school for rehearsal, then flew to KTJ starting off by 2.20pm.

Damn, and we are complaining about UTAR having located in such isolated place. KTJ is TEN times more isolated. No new town, No shops, No shopping malls, and I don't even think there is a pasar malam. But overall, nice college, with a tinge of British architecture. Elite school. English-speaking, even though there are Koreans, Maldives and whatever...

Large music room, drama room. When UTAR will have this? I was hoping for this in my entire life in UTAR. I left 2 more years. Will it be done? Chances are 0.0000000000000000000001%. UTAR doesn't even have a proper piano. I am not asking for the world-class grand piano. I just need a decent KAWAI or YAMAHA upright piano will do. Only costs about RM5,000, why couldn't afford?

Aiks... UTAR oh UTAR... Nice, pretty and big, but hollow in the inside. HA! (Don't call ISA to catch me ya!)


The competition was nice. Strong competitors, inspirational composers. But frankly speaking, of all the 4 pianists, excluding me, only 2 worth to listen, the rest were like, erm, weak? I mean, I can't feel the weight, as if the piano is a ghost instrument, now you hear it, now you don't. Even when you hear it, you kinda ask yourself "Is the piano necessary?" Sorry for being rude like Simon Cowell, but hey, piano is my soul. LOL!

My wish came true, no violinists. Haha, that makes both of us (JuanWyn and me) a bit relieved. A teeny weeny bit. And another thing is, all the songs performed there were rock, jam, nostalgic, kiddo-kind... only us, two guys, wearing suits (The only TWO people wearing such formal, steady, calm, cool, professional) playing super-EMO songs.

Solid grand piano. Hard to express when you feel hard to feel. Got it?
Guitar went out of tune. But hey, it wasn't our guitar. Blame KTJ? I don't know. Afraid of being caught by ISA...

Anyway, again...

Thanks to JuanWyn for that night. We have come a long way to know each other and play this song. Yeah, I do look serious, but hey, I guessed you know by now I am not. It's just a mask I put on. Ha. Seems like my younger bro didn't fail me at all (if he dares to fail me, LOL, Joke). I remembered I was hesitating picking you (JuanWyn) as my guitar part, because piano and guitar is like, erm, Melody + Accompaniment? Fortunately my bro is able to add a solo part for you. We both owe him thanks.

Although it was disappointing, but I couldn't help smiling. At least I have shown the people that I write songs, rather than I hide myself in the dark (low profile). So, I guess, JuanWyn has made me more high profile? I don't know. But I felt great for this. It's like trapping in a box for so long and finally I can sproing out.

So, uh, Thanks JuanWyn, for everything, ranging from Jokes, perli-s, fun and chats. LOL. We didn't do well, but we did do well for ourselves. Proud to have you as my partner for guitar. Proud of you to stay on the stage. Looking forward for any collaboration! Hehe.

Thanks to Mr Soong, who's so willingly take us to Tesco, Ipoh and KTJ. I think the total mileage is unimaginable. Dedicated, fun and happy, we all owe you a big thank. If only you can perform there, if only you can pull your violin strings, I think we are going to beat the audience (as there were no violinists).

Thanks to NienLee too, sitting behind with me in the car, if not I will be bored to death. Ha! Nice voice you got there driving the crowd frenzy and high. You made UTAR proud... No no no, you made Music Club proud. Haha. Maybe we can challenge ourselves by having 2 guitarists and 1 pianist. Really challenging work.

Thanks to KTJ, we lost 8 hours just to be there and back. Joke. Next time move your college in the town, please, the GPS is complaining already. Hahaha. But hey, I love your audience. Very sporting and supportive. Far better than UTAR audience who only BOO at you when you played wrongly. Good hosts. Formal but fun. (unlike Careena... hehe)

Thanks thanks and thanks to Music Club chairperson Isaac, and all other committees who supported us, like WeiZhi, Steph, as well as my friends like Yitmun, Weiwei, AhWei, JingCong and million others.

Okay, you wanna know the result?
Here's the statement:
Me and JuanWyn is hereby prohibited to meet - either accidentally or intentionally - Mr Paul.

Got it?

It's my best birthday present if it were to be on my birthday.

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