Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Day Without Thinking

Today, woke up at 6am, wore a bright yellow shirt, going to pasar for a breakfast with other 11 red shirt-ers. Yup, we are going to the Hope Mission Home, Teluk Intan for our assignment.

I saw those kids with smiling faces. Active and energetic. I can't help but sighed over my 'seniority' and 'aging'. I can't catch up with them.

So much for generation gap huh?

There's one kid who was fond of me. Sticking to me wherever I went. He even tickled me like he tickled everyone. I forced myself to tahan it. He called me master. LOL. Because I didn't even budge.

My heart sank...

I remembered once, I had a friend, whom I played, studied and joked together. But it all ended. Ah, so that's why I become so sensitive in friendship huh? Hmm...

I also realised that I have barriers to let people know me. Here are the barriers I put up from the outermost to the innermost:

Barrier 1: This makes my look super serious from the outside, preventing any close encounter.

Barrier 2: This makes up my a little serious and occasional jokeful manner. Typical 'hi-bye' friend.

Barrier 3: My barrier breaks down 50% in this level. You can see me as a timid, shy, passive and playful character.

Barrier 4: Unless you are my parents, then you are impossible to penetrate through this barrier.

So which barrier have you penetrated? Rank yourself. If you reached barrier 3, then you are my good friend, if you reach barrier 1, unfortunately, there's something in you I don't like, or, I don't feel necessary for you to know me much.

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