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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's Not That We Are Not Together

Two seeds, planted only a few centimetres apart. Both seeds, one red and another green, quietly germinates without knowing each other's existence. Till one day, when both of them finally touched each other's leaves for the first time.

The red sapling, a total of 5 leaves, shining brightly under the sun, showing off its red leaves.
The green sapling, a total of only 2 leaves, shining humbly under the shade.

One day, a blue bird flew by, chirping "Which tree shall I lay my nest? Which tree shall I lay my nest?"'

Too bad, the red sapling attracted its attention. "Come, we have more to share!" the red sapling cried. The green sapling, however, tilted down in sadness.

Then, a farmer passed by, crying, "Which tree bears the best fruit, I will reward more nutrients!"

The red sapling and green sapling tweaked. They both wanted nutrients to grow on this infertile land.

"Hey, Greenie! Mind if we join forces to grow larger so that we both can have better nutrients?" The red sapling asked.

"Of course..." the green sapling answered softly as if there would be another choice. Only by joining with the strongest and outstanding tree, he can only shed some light on himself.

A few weeks had passed, and the trees were growing, but it was always the red tree that looked more robust and tall when compared to the weak, though-leafy, shorter green tree.

The farmer passed by, "Wow, both trees are growing faster than anyone else! Both trees are like super close friends eh? No fighting for nutrients at all!"

The red tree and green tree smiled, but not to each other.

The green tree thought: After all these, I am planning to have my own fruit, flower and birds. I am not going to look at the blue bird or the red tree. I am myself. I don't need attention. I don't need to care for something that cares for another.

It's not that we are not together, but when we are together, we make our own walls. You refuse to cross over when you have the blue bird. So farewell. After this, we won't be seeing each other again. Happy knowing you as a friend.

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