Monday, March 14, 2011


Suddenly, after having supper, once I stepped into my room, I felt difficult. I felt lost. I don't know why. The competition somehow wriggles in and echoes out, it's like a tiny voice echoing in the empty chambers of my heart.

What do I mean by 'difficult'?

It just means that I have a kind of no-feeling feeling. The whole body has no soul. Empty. I don't feeling like doing anything, except want to find someone to talk to and there is no one available at that time. (Hence, this blog).

It's not EMO. If EMO, I won't be talking, communicating, or even appearing online.

"Try finding a girlfriend to talk to lah!"
SWT! You think a girlfriend is a pillar where you can kick and scold?
"Try sleeping!"
I did sleep, just because I am sleepy.

Hmm, I remembered JuanWyn said, "Hey, sometimes TTM is good you know..."
TTM to myself is somewhat awkward... later Jing Cong heard someone talking next to his room but only I am there, in addition it was 3 am...... SCARY......

But, what can I TTM about when there is nothing to be TTM-ed?

Last time be with SiewCheng, Tanning, JiXuan, all sorts of TTM topics can be talked.
Then still have JuanWyn and Andy, which unfortunately Andy said I am annoying. (True, though).

So, I am an annoying, idiotic, nothing-to-do, insolent, sanctimonious, egomaniac, emotional, sensitive guy. Period.

All I ask for, is an ear and a shoulder when I need it. I know you girls have it, but, sometimes, certain things, only boys can help. LOL.

Bye Monday Blues...

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