Monday, March 7, 2011


A lot of readers have been asking me about the true story of Sylvina and how it ended. Well here it is, SPOILER warning.

Sylvina was born in 1541 in Othripus. Originally a neutron star matrix slamming to Othripus, the matrix reorganized itself from scratch to form a full human. But because of her not being an original human (even though she had DNA), she could change her skin tone for camouflaging.

1948, she first met and saved Herphecius. After the victory of Szedna over Mynemoscene, her valiant effort using her whip in the battle had turned the tables. King Szedna finally approved her stay in Szedna and trusted her on several affairs, one of it was investigating a brief lightning dome appearing at the Far East after the death of Herphecius friend.

Shortly after, her numerous discoveries had made the king uneasy. First was the infiltration of an interstellar nanobots codenamed 'Deriph' (an artefact sent by a 1545 human) with a neural augmentation. Then the discovery of Vhon Spheres that allowed instant teleportation as well as making a friend that looked like a fish (which, in fact, was a human, Rimdi).

Then, a minor war between Men and Machines during Sylvina's visit was waged. Her intelligence and neural augmentation had allowed Men to win for the first time, which inadvertently granted her stay at the Men's only city - Oroligath.

After she had returned to Szedna for a Revolution War, or Battle of the Millions, another war had broke out between Men and Machines. She was magically killed by her own stepfather then unknowingly.

She woke up several months later, realising her body while swarming with Deriph robots, she couldn't be killed by magic. However the scenery of Othripus had changed. There were no more trees and the floors were covered with metal tilings and blue circuits, except the area around her. Machines carcasses were found all over her but she wasn't hurt.

It was Deriph who destroyed the machines by constantly emitting strong EMP.

She then returned to Oroligath, confident that no one had survived this catastrophe.

This was her main part of story. Next was somewhat sadder than the first.

She went to Vapidus Nexus, several hundreds of light years away for war against the Vapidus, with Vohne. Till then, Vohne had become a machine substrate by accidentally accepting an alien artefact Hex, which allowed him to break into zillions of pieces at any time.

At the same time, Sylvina discovered some of her body began to lose visibility, or even vanished. Panicked but kept secret, she was told the truth that she was a Neutron Star matrix, which would decay after a lifespan. She understood that the matrix was used to heighten any knowledge of a particular sentient being. She violated that task and became a human. Since the heightening effect only stayed for a while, the matrix began to breakdown.

Till the final days, Vohne still could not marry Sylvina as Sylvina had become a ship as well as simulation, rather than just decaying away into metal dust. She and Vohne then continued their adventure in space, not knowing what had happened to Herphecius, Othripus. They just wanted their human bodies back.

The novel ends.

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