Sunday, May 1, 2011


Do you know why people cannot let go of their past and forget about it?

There is one lame reason I reason about it. Of course it's lame. You know I am a lame guy. Super lame. Snowman-maker, some people claimed, but I just want those who cannot let go of their past to try accept something.

The reason why we cannot forget things is because our eyes has receptors. Optical receptors, which are wired to the brain. Now, that's why! Get the clue? No? Right, let me repeat it: optical RECEPTORS. Got it? There isn't such a thing called 'optical rejectors' or something more nonsensical than that.

The eyes receive what you see and transfer them along with other sensory organs to the brain to be remembered. It's a one-way information transfer, you see. It's also like a computer. Anything you typed on it, filed on it, will burn outright at the hard disk. No matter you throw it into the Recycle Bin or something, the record still holds.

So, there isn't such a thing that the eye can 'expel' or 'exorcise' your unwanted memories. If you have nasty or embarassing break-ups and you want to forget about it, it isn't that easy I assure you.

So, after jibber-jabber and blabber, what is the point of this post when I 'strongly' emphasize on 'you don't get to forget things'? Right, I know some of you might say 'I forgot what I've studied'. This is not my point. I am talking about every day life.

No one forgets thing. The neural pattern is imprinted forever. To erase bad memories, you have to let go. Let things go, get things easy. It's very difficult that you keep on clinging on the shadows of your past. Dancing with those shadows won't make you feel any better. Nor those jealousy eyes, envious minds and sinister hearts.

We all have bad things happening around us. That makes us grow. If you wish to have only good things around, then I suggest you close your eyes and flee to Neverland. This is not the place you want to be in.

Accept the fact that bad things happen for a reasonable reason. Even if it's unreasonable, that at least is still a reason.

Fire and forget.

Now, that's a stupid phrase.

Accept the thing you dislike and live the best out of it. Don't let your mind suppress your heart. Without your heart, your mind is dead (literally, and scientifically proven =D)

PS: My mind capability is restoring! Yahoo!

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