Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Collection of Voices

  1. If you spend too long holding on to someone who treats you like an OPTION, you've missed the chance of finding someone who treats you like a PRIORITY. (Who huh?)

  2. Even friends can jealous of your friendship with others.

  3. Overheard someone protecting his friend: "Don't bully him. I don't like it."

  4. People who reply you with "LOL" or "=.=" is simply because they don't wanna talk to you anymore. So stop the topic.

  5. People start treating you nice because they want to pay back what niceties you have done. So when the debt is paid, they can just leave you on your own.

  6. Being possessive over somebody results a disaster in possessing others.

  7. Fake people are everywhere

  8. Trust the fact: Nobody is truthful. Nobody stands by your side when you need 'em

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