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Monday, May 23, 2011

Who Run This World?

Who run this world? Girls! Girls!

There goes Beyonce and her buttshaking moves. Frankly, I don't like the song. I feel like the song is a kind of cheer then a song. XD. Maybe because I only listen to her only song 'Halo', OK, or maybe 'Sweet Dreams'.

Right, I am not going to chat about Beyonce (My mum even thought she was a 2000's artiste while she was already around in the late 90's. LOL)

After today's working at Orientation. Hmm, what I could say is, mama is dominating the entire family species. I am not attacking the customers today, but what I saw is true.

Mama is the one who answers or asks question while the kid just stand there like a statue.
Mama is the one who paid the bill when the kid said 'I dunno how to pay'
Mama is the one who tell the papa where to hand in the medical form while the kid asked, "need one meh?"
Mama is the one who ask the conditions of a scholarship when the kid just dreaming.
Mama is the one who produce the reciept of payment and kid is asking 'Ma, what size should I wear?'
Mama is the one who ask where is DACE counter, DFN counter etc, but the kid just said, 'No need so mafan, ask the counter people take for us.'


Why everything also 'mama'. I know mama is the best, but come on la, you are already approaching your tweenage. Please be mature.

Don't act cute.
Don't act autistic.
Don't act scared like mouse.


[PS: Do you need your mama to teach you how to make babies in the future?]

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