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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dirty Trick for The End of The World

WARNING: This post contains excessive nonsense and crap. Emotionally unstable viewer should be advised to leave immediately. Any negative outcomes resulting directly or indirectly from this post are not to be taken responsibility by the author. Read at your own risk.

People are warning us, 21 May 2011 is the end of the world. Where disasters come and strike us. Where the Wrath of Nature started to stomp everyone of us flat. No one (as 'they' claimed) will survive this devastating catastrophe of no-merciness.

Alright, let's think the other way round, or out of the box, or put on your thinking hat. Whatever. What are the darkest secret of revealing the End of the World?

Alright, breathe please. Here comes:

  1. Set a date of Judgment Day and claim it is from Maya Calendar, Ba Gua or even from looking at the tea leaves or crystal ball. Make the date as future as it seems but still close to present day. 2012? Yup, it's a future but close to present. Reason? So that mass panic is more effective for the following tricks.

  2. Raise the price of oil and raw materials. Claim that we are suffering from scarcity. Now, everyone has to raise the price of everything. Causing inflation to occur worldwide.

  3. When inflation occurs, import activities reduced because countries want to save their currency from furthre depreciation. Agro countries suffer, because nobody wants to import their agricultural products.

  4. Price continues to rise further because of diminishing food supply. Agro countries accused of stocking raw materials (pity them, it's not them wanting to stock the food, it's because nobody wants to buy for them).

  5. Agro countries argue with other countries.

  6. Mini-war erupt. Terrorist activities increases as a protest to rising food and corrupted state of the agro countries for refusing to export food (kesian the countries).

  7. Some major forces take out the war and bomb here and there. Announce that the leader of the rebellions or terrorist is captured.

  8. Then a minor earthquake happens.

  9. The number of victimes outstanding. Many countries lend their hand to donate food, clothing and necessities.

  10. Scarcity worsens because of this.

  11. Of course, price level rises... again.

  12. People complaning its a symptom of the end of the world is coming as food supply drops together with the natural disaster.

  13. Season change, resulting in a monsoon rain. Some places flood. Rumours of the End of the World intensifies.

  14. Hurricanes occur near the Gulf of Mexico and Taiwan (it's a normal incident that occurs annually due to changing temperature), leads to more fanatic people to believe in the End of the World is coming.

  15. More donation.

  16. Price increase even more.

  17. California forest fire (it is also an annual event. Nothing serious. It happens all the time) but the people believe it's the Wrath of the Nature taking place.

  18. Some people begin to stock some food.

  19. Supermarkets begin to hang this poster: "Only 1 packet per family).

  20. No more year-end sale. Fanatic and psycho shoppaholic 'commit suicide' and 'domestic violence'.

  21. Massive psychology therapy for those shoppaholics.

  22. Psychologists claim that collective craziness occur because of the brain something wrong.

  23. Scientists add on to the claim that because the sun is emitting excited particles to 'sot' the neurons in the brain.

  24. Panic as hospitals being to stock medicine.

  25. Panic as people buy more medicine

  26. Finally when everything is in mess, approaching to the date of the End of the World... they woke up and said:

  27. "I am still alive? Damn those bullshit!"

Haha. It's just a joke. Don't take it seriously. ISA, UN, UNESCO, NASA, NSA, FBI, CIA don't catch me for this. It's just a plain old joke.

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