Wednesday, May 25, 2011


LOL. I am really emotional. ASEP2005 I wrote, KTJ I also wrote, Karaoke I also wrote. And now?

RCM. Registration, Campus tour, Mass Call.

Maybe I am used to do secretarial job. Imagine, planning a Langkawi trip during my primary 6, secretary of Celcom Youth Ambassador (previously was Planning and Design Department Manager), assistant secretary of Poi Lam Prefectorial Board.


That's why I love to do registration part for RCM, and also partly because Issac and his managers elected me as a counter manager, and I still don't know why. Who cares? Sometimes life gives us something unexpected and we still have to work the best of it, although I admit I didn't do my best during the registration. I only create annoyance. LOL.

One thing I am happy for registration department is, all counters are friendly to each other. LOL. Happy moment especially with Siewcheng, Tanning the gang and also Kalvyn, Panda etc etc and etc.

Mass Call? LOL. I feel like I am a shepherd chasing sheep and goats across Heritage Hall. No offence ya! Just a plain joke. But it's tiring because I have to run the whole Heritage Hall, literally. Stupid stamina. I should have built it better.

Another I beh tahan is my SWEAT!!! I sweat a LOT. I am not hot, but the sweat keeps coming out, till PuayCian had to keep asking me to wipe away. DAMN! I need a towel next time.

But, seriously, after Foundation, I rarely go out or hang around with SiewCheng and her gang. This time, I feel like I am back in Foundation, having fun. I missed the good old days when she called me 'ah girl' and I called her 'ah boy'. Haiz. The time we saling tembak. Haiz.

OK. I know this post is long...

So, finally,

I want to say:

Thanks RCM for bringing wonderful memories. Thanks every friends I made and have fun with. I love you guys. I am terribly sorry for being a lousy counter manager and super annoying to keep asking you guys 'any problem? stock got check'. SORRY.

If I am a bad friend, tell me. I wish to improve.

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