Thursday, May 5, 2011

3rd Semester

WARNING: The following content contains elements of SS, event-kepoh-y, non-halal and unhealthiness. Viewers/Readers discretion advised. And oh, the blog is damn long.

Well, folks, oldfolks, folksongs... (OK, this is getting too far), this is it. The end of the semester, my 3rd semester, is coming. Although it is more than 17 weeks of pure fun, I can say that this actually feels like a year to me, a major breakthrough for me. I got to know more friends than I used to be (except in Foundation Sem 2, where my networking span out like a hopelessly entangled spider web).

I know you guys are hoping me to post up more pictures as my blog is all about words words and words, well then, here I am, photo-full blogpost. My private and glorious life, exposed. Repeat: EXPOSED.

First, I went to a softskill talk by a Maybank Advisor, Mr Ng Thian Watt. Hmm, I was randomised into another absolute stranger group of 100% girls. Awkward. But I, we, think our group is the best in taking initiative, having fun and talk. We just jabbered all the way till the session ends. New friends, New fun! Here's the photo:

Then, my mum also cooked me some lamb-and-pork curry. I was thinking who liked to eat lamb by the way in Kampar. So I posted 3 times on Facebook with NO response. Akibatnya, I forced to ask WeiWei, DomDom and JuanWyn to eat it. BTW, someone took the most. And DomDom had cooked some ABC soup for the night too! [PS: Why I had curry that day? Because it was my birthday! Notice the red egg in the photo and it was the day I lost my wallet for 24 hours and found.]

I also participated (forced) in an orphanage-visit programme for our assignments at Teluk Intan. Wow, those kids are really energetic. Raped two of my group mates and clinged on another two. I was tickled by one of them and I pretended to have no response. Ha. That kid called me a 'Master'.

Another event I took was the KTJ (Kolej Tuanku Jaafar) Battle of the Composers. We didn't win. NienLee, JuanWyn and I took part. But I admit, something happened back there that wasn't there before. LOL. Had fun. This is the first time I actually played with Mr Soong. LOL. Nostalgic. Though I guessed I won't be taking part anymore. =(

Then, I was recruited as a Karaokay Competition 2011 helper by Isaac. Ticket receiver, konon. LOL. Not the post I was hoping for, but at least I can help out my friends in deco while studying QT and Macro together. Ha. Multitasking. *slaps chest* Everyone wore red on that day. It was so... CNY feel?

Another thing: After the Karaokay Competition, we went out 'yumcha' (that's our norm). With 15 (11? It's currently under debate) tables joined together, we hardly can speak to one end of the other table. Communication was broken down into two parties while Faruq joined both.

Then I had my first dream come true of joining the trip of MPO. Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Alice Sara Ott, the pianist with a long hair and elegant fingering. Ahh... swooning soon. Too bad no photos are to be taken in that hall. (Protest: the hall was damn nice) And I had my 2nd Sushi King visit in my entire life. Dunno what to order, I just ordered the same thing as Mr Soong - Salmon Steak.

And, we finally met WENGYEW, our 'guitar lao'. Missed him so much after he had graduated. Makan at Teppanyaki and hanged out with him. It's definitely memorable. Can you imagine meeting someone who had separated with you for so long?

I also took part in the Volunteerism Run following that week. It was fun waking up at 5am, walking to the basketball court to be picked up. Damn, malfunctioning bus, took wrong bus and took the third. My gosh... but the event started at 8.15am. =.= So much for time management.

Another shocking news: I joined Dance Drama 2011. It was all fate and accidental. I never thought that I can know someone called Dominance and immediately placed me under the committee list. Note: I joined the Dance Drama because I wanted to be a helper. And I went to photoshooting for the promotional video. Gotta admit, I sucked at taking photos. You know that.

For the 2nd time (3rd?), I went to perform my keyboard songs. Right, with JuanWyn and JingCong (sexy saxophonist). It was the UTAR Beach Party 2011. I know some complained about the event. But I am NOT going to give comment here. I just had fun. Watching bikini girls and playing with real snake (I know wriggling thing is my phobia, but hey, it's not wriggling)

I had one last night with my music club gang at McD. Those who were joining that night (28.4.2011) were NienLee, Faruq, WeiWei, DomDom, JuanWyn, Julia, and Calo. That was the night I got mental deterioration. Thanks to all those who were concerned about my health.

Speaking of eating, I ate at Vegas 3 times this semester. But I think the most reasonable and affordable food was the super mambo burger. Haha. RM29.90. And we shared equally. The photo you saw was the time I ate with WeiWei and WeiFa. Damn full. It's not about the food, it's about how we had fun!

Then Mr Soong ajak me to Grand Kampar Hotel for our lunch with WeiWei and NienLee. The price there was OK. Cheaper. Much more cheaper if you eat somewhere else, because the ice lemon tea was refillable unlimitedly, entree, main course and dessert. Wow. Thanks, Mr Soong! Next time bring me there again ya!

Alright, don't tell my mum one thing during this semester: WeiWei, NienLee, Faruq, DomDom and I hanged out at FireZone till 12.30am, and then we crazied ourselves singing with the ukulele. We even walked while singing and playing, just like a parade. Marching around Ghany Corner and makan lok-lok. I swear I didn't eat! Met Jazlynn and WaiHong there too! Then we marched again to McD upon DomDom's request for Sundae Cone. I didn't eat as well. We saw Desmond Khoo there. Woots. What a night. At 2am, WeiWei requested to go to A Station (CyberCafe) to play L4D. Guess what, played till 5am. Totally fatigued, resulting in my friends warnings. LOL. Sorry.

That's all for my semester blasts. Thanks for everything, everyone and everywhere I went.


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