Sunday, May 22, 2011

GG Look

Not, that kind of GG. (Anyway, can anyone tell me the origin of GG? Or why is it called GG?). What I mean in this post GG = gor gor.


Gor gor = Big brother

It seems like I have a GG look huh? Previously was serious look, now I am having a GG look. Confused. LOL. Maybe I can hear more from you all why in the world you would think I have a GG look?

There was one, my housemate, new housemate. I helped him sort out his things, tell him what to do during orientation. And guess what, his mother said, "You ah, anything go ask this gor gor understand? He is your gor gor lai de. Respect him ah, understand or not?"

Gosh! Would you believe that?

If I am the son, I would be speechless. Or embarrassed.

Aiyo, I am not that 'brotherly'. LOL.

Previously one of my juniors also call me that. And he even named me as 'senior' wherever I walked past him.

Question: Do I really have the GG look?

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