Monday, May 2, 2011

Temporal Dimension

Scientists put TIME as one of the dimensions isn't for nothing. In my philosophy, TIME is everything.

It has a beginning and the end. Time picks up easily and stops easily. Everything we do, has a beginning point and the ending point, as we travel along time.

For instance, we go to the market. We don't only walk across some distance, but some time as well. Time, in fact, matters. Either live or die, happy or sad, got it or lose it.

To be honest, I have got someone and lost someone numerous times. Reason? My bad attitude.

I have a very bad attitude.
I tend to be selfish when I see it as my advantage.
I am very insisting. If you don't follow my way, I will be pissed off.
I am very possessive. Once I have it, I won't let go, unless you prove to be useful enough to take it.
I am having a super laid back attitude in doing things. I don't care the deadline is near.
I am cruel perfectionist. I don't take a slight imperfection in doing things. I punish.
I am fierce. You joke when I ain't joking, you better watch out.

Alright, the reason I post this blog?
I believe time will find me a way to end all this. I wanted to correct my attitudes, but I can't, because of the 'insisting' reason and the 'super laid back attitude' reason.

If you think you can handle my attitude, I would like to say, Thanks, I never thought you can tolerate me. For those of you out there, I know you are sick of me =(, but hey, I am sorry. Just give me some time OK? =(

"It's easy getting someone and losing someone. But the most difficult part is having someone. If you have someone by your side, make it difficult for you to lose him/her." ~Neruvatar.

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