Monday, May 2, 2011


Lately, I saw many posts about 'Friendships' and 'Friends'. LOL. Is it because people are trying to mock me huh? Some even 'MSN' me up and called me 'F.O.F' as a preamble. (BTW, F.O.F. means Father of Friendship... =.=)

OK, you gave me that name, I gave you my lane.

This is the post I saw spreading around like wildfire:

Friends are those who:

  1. Always ask you to 'Go die lah!'

  2. Always ask you to consult the mental doctor

  3. Takes on your weakness and blabber about it one whole day

  4. Always speak right from the heart. No hiding, no shying.

  5. Always smile even though they are not with you playing and smiling.

  6. Always advise you to cross the road safely and walk carefully

  7. Always seemed to be rude at first sight, but help you out when you encounter problem

  8. Although look depress or optimistic, still can play along with you.

  9. Makes you smile when you think of him/her.

  10. Won't get lost in your mind as time passes and distance drags.

  11. Once listen to your slip-tongue jabber and will joke about it forever.

  12. Cannot be forgotten even though contacts are lesser and lesser.

  13. Are not afraid to speak or do things wrongly. (Because of number 4)

  14. Are the first person to come to mind when you miss him/her

  15. Never been picky about who has done more than the other.

  16. Stand by you forever

  17. Will share many things to you.

  18. Even though separated for a long time, the chatting still goes warm

  19. Are the most truthful when together.

  20. Won't feel embarrassed even though haven't meet for a long time

  21. Support you in every crazy thing you do.

  22. Will call you up at night, asking you want to sleep early/wake early

  23. Blabbers a lot till you complain he/she looks like your mother

  24. Do pointless stuff with you when you feel your day is pointless.

  25. You will feel he/she's your friend, no matter what he/she has done!

Now, that's plagiarising. OK. Paraphrasing. Hehe. Gosh, how much have I done in that list? Haha... What about you?

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