Monday, May 2, 2011


One day, a military commander told 3 soldiers while at camp.
"You, John, get some wood to start some fire... You, Abraham, set up the tents and You, Chang, get some supplies for dinner. Report to me after 5 hours."

"Yes, Sir!"

*Five hours later*

John had a great bonfire and the commander was impressed. Abraham set up a large tent to fit in 20 soldiers. The commander smiled. Then the commander stopped, and asked, "Where is Chang?"

"Getting some supplies for dinner, Sir!"
"And where are the supplies?" the commander got angry.

After searching in the woods, suddenly Chang jumped out from the tree, screaming excitedly,


OK, OK, that's one lame joke.
Anyway, I am telling you guys, I got few surprises in my life. So don't surprise me to death.

Alright, what I am saying is, I do love surprises, but not the kind that when I walk silently, you come and throw a bucket of water on me. If you really do that, the result would be pretty obvious: you're gonna die!

Sorry. Just being exaggerating.

This semester, well, again, is my most surprising semester. Too many good things happen to me till I stopped counting them. The atmosphere, the smiles, the papers, the music. Everything. I don't know whether I can get back the same feeling next semester.

Talk about 'Diminishing Marginal Utility' huh?

Right, I have been up to jibber jabber since this morning call. I can't figure things straight enough. So, excuse me of my scattered points on this blog.

Till again. Ciao!

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