Friday, May 27, 2011


Hmm. I didn't quite have my sembreak. After that stupid Macroeconomics test, I went back to ipoh a day after. Saturday, noon. Then Sunday, next comes Monday, Tuesday is the day after and Wednesday follows up. And tadaa...! It's Thursday and I have to fly back to Kampar.

All these days, what have I done huh?

Nothing. I makan only.

Roasted duck, smoke duck, dry curry prawn, wet curry fish...
Movies? Hell, no.
Hangouts? Don't even talk about it.
Activities? Other than playing piano and writing songs? Nope.

Boring life right?
Nah, spending time with family is not boring. =)

Yuppy, back to Kampar for that RCM thingy.

So now what am I doing now? Hehe, still reminiscing the fun and memorable part of RCM where I bullied my counter assistants, friends and... and... I think nothing else. Made a few friends. Emphasise on the word 'FEW' here.

There are some misunderstandings I wish to clarify before things get spiral out of control, especially when gossips is the best medicine to kill boredom.

  1. I am NOT the RCM committee. Please stop calling me 'committee'. I didn't wear blazer, so I am not. And hor, pretty funny for you all to come asking me things that should be referred to committee. LOL.

  2. I am NOT a Year 3, nor a Foundation student. I am neither too old, nor too young. =D

  3. I am NOT from FEGT, FICT or FSc. I am a petty, decent Banking and Finance student, although my face looks 'doctor-y' or 'scientist-y'.

  4. I am NOT a serious guy. I am rather sampat and biantai. Blue topics (or yellow)? Not a problem to me, as long as you can bare with me with the dirty talk. XD

  5. I am NOT having Tanning as my girlfriend. Gosh, how could this thing get so unthinkable?

  6. And lastly, I just knew Kalvyn from the first day of RCM. Don't speak as though we have known each other for a long, long, long time. LOL. What makes you all think both of us have known for a long, long, long time?

Alright, results out, sembreak is over, fun ends, time to pack up and move forward! This sem target: 2A's, 2A-'s.

Come on baby!

Once I am determined, I can be very determined.

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