Saturday, May 7, 2011


Hmm... after study week, things are not going well for me.

Diarrhoea. God knows what I ate. Maybe too much on delivery food? But there are reasons why I take delivery food: 1) I'm lazy to go out. Eating out is taking me at least half an hour. 10 minutes cycling to and fro, 10 minutes waiting for food, 20 minutes to eat. 2) Eating delivery food promises satisfaction because you can eat while watching your movie, or reading your notes. 3) This is the main point: no one eats with me =(

Lipscrack. Consume too much ajinomoto I guess. Plus the freaking hot weather here in Kampar. April showers is finally over and now the sun is creeping back up. Even the chocolate in my refrigerator melted! The salt from the lake, heat from the sun, radiation from the tar... all these have caused my lips to dry up like a dried persimmon. It is now bleeding. Argh.

Hothead. Long hair = heat insulation. Good for deflecting heat, as it has a good blackbody radiation potential. But when the heat builds up within my thicket of hair, it's totally unbearable. I got my brain haywire a few times. Temper increasing. Level of tolerance diminishing. Fortunately I am alone in my room, occasionally JingCong and KaiYuen come in and have a short (sometimes long) chat. Or else I got crazy for being marooned in my own island.

Insanity. You guys have peeked my profile picture on Facebook. Well, glad to say, that's me. LOL. So far my insanity level is kept in check. Constant chatting and commenting with, say, my housemates, WeiWei, Dominance have at least made my mind 'functionable'. I cannot imagine what will happen if things turn otherwise.

BUT, one thing remains the same: No one cares! LOL. No one cares how you are feeling, until you go about showing your sick face, or spread around your news. LOL! That's how human works. They only function when you push them. Petty square brainers. LOL. Look, I am not asking someone to care for my present condition, but I would like to tell everyone that, you don't need people to voice out their pain only you come to help. Because if you did, it would be too late.

People is drowning and calls for help. By the time you save him, he's already choking or maybe drowned. Help him when he falls, not AFTER he falls. Ceteris paribus.

Nah... just blog for fun. For those having yer holidays, look after your surrounding people ya! For those having exams, well, I have nothing to say: look after yourselves. LOL.

Till again

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