Monday, May 2, 2011

Care =)

Previously, I often see two of my friends kept posting on each other's wall, teasing, joking, chatting and encouraging each other. But lately, I saw none. The activity ceased to happen. Curiousity has driven me 'stalk' their profiles.

To my amazement, both of them have stopped being friends. I asked them, what had gone wrong. One of them replied "Because of uncertainty. He suddenly talks more to another friend than me."

Right... Guys jealous of guys? Now that's a wee bit weird. I remained calm. I know it isn't about gay sexuality or anything mentally malfunction. So, I asked the other guy. And he replied, "No, I did not intentionally stopped talking to him. It's because he kept saying he was afraid people jeering at him, saying him a psycho for having such close relationship with a guy."

"So you stopped befriending him because of this?' I asked.

"No, it's not like that. He kept on protecting me when people jeer at us. That makes me awful too. It's like having him constantly breathing down my neck. I just got irritated."

I asked the other guy, "Is it true?"

"I just want us to be best friends, that's all. I don't want him to feel like we are somewhat psycho. I don't care how people look at us. We are best friends. If they can't take it, that's their problem. He is still uncertain whether we are still best friends. He avoided me, so that he can have his own life and stop those rumours."

"You guys quarrel just because of these issues? One is trying to help consoling, another is trying to avoid misunderstanding. why don't you guys help each other and show the world that you are in fact the bestest friends in the world? There's nothing psycho about the way you post on each other's wall... It's normal to post things like 'Want yumcha?', 'Watch football later?', 'Hey, get ready for badminton game tomorrow'..."

They both went silent.

One of them asked me, "Have you ever known how it feels like being like this? Accused of something you never did?"

I breathed. "Being best friends aren't about having fun together all day. It's about support. No matter in guys or girls, if you fail to support each other, the bridge between you two collapses. Do you understand?"

"It's.... gayish..."

"Go and define what's a friend to you. Then try match it with whoever has the most matches to your definition." I said sternly.

"Did you, erm, have one before? Like us, I mean..."

"I treasure everyone. But I got used to the idea that guys never care for another guys." I said, with a smile. I swear, there IS a smile. "But I am not going to stop trying. 6 billion people on this planet, and I don't believe none of them care for their buddies."

Guess what.

I saw them posting to each other's wall, apologising in just a few tens minutes later.

I smiled.
I've made the world a wee bit happier. Not only both of them, but me as well.

So, do I have a bunch of caring guys? I leave that for you all to answer. =)

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