Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Right... someone named that one for me. During my secondary school years, my friends have been calling me Confucius Reincarnated. It's a joke. I don't think my classmates (except a tiny few. Emphasise on the word' TINY') know that that was my nickname of the time.

In my earlier secondary school years, I have changed a person whose name put fear into everyone's heart as the naughtiest, laziest, attitude-topsy-turvy-est and everything negative person ever existed, into a better, well-known, adorable person in school.

I was kinda forced to take him up and guide him. Every time, I would keep track of everything he had done, then I would guide him back if he had strayed too far from the path he should go. It took me two years for him to change.

First impression is very important. Once it burns into someone's heart, it stays. His first impression to people was already heavily corrupted. Guiding him back is one thing, people's mindset is another. And that took lots of persuasion to change it.

Then follow up were a series of minor students who needed help in certain ways. I did help. But not that much. I had to help myself too back then. I was emotionally fragile during my secondary school years. LOL.

Form 5. I received a letter from a boy of same age. He and I had studied in the same class since Primary 1 and 2. I can't find him now. Forget that. He wrote me a letter. He apologised to me, which I was surprised. I thought back, and I remembered he was one of the blacklisted guys in school. Broke several rules per day. I got him saved from being fired. He got suspended. That much I can't help.

But I told him, 'You are a good guy. Like everyone else. You break the school rules because you hated the school rules. Take a rest at home for two weeks. Come back if you think you are a good person."

Two weeks later, after the suspension. He came to me personally and told me, 'You are right.'

Surprisingly, he didn't break any school rules after that (because I was a prefect who keeps a record of EVERY single students 'criminal behaviour' for case investigation). I approached him and asked what's gone into his mind.

Usually I would be afraid of him. He beats people. He bullied a lot of people.


He changed. He smiled and said, 'Can you tell me some ways of being a better person?'

Since that day, every afternoon, after class, we would go to the canteen and talk. I would tell him the difference between a bad person and a good one. I taught him how to be bad and good at the same time don't break any rules. I thought him how to excel in studies without studying like nerds (me).

He got an B3 for his Chemistry, which he usually failed.

He thanked me.

And he was lost. I can't find him. Facebook, phone number, house... everything I tried, I can't find him anymore. It was like a bad but beautiful dream...

Now, I am thinking back my friends calling me to start a teaching called 'MinZhi-ism'. It was crazy. But in my heart I know, there is always a good spirit smiling everywhere you go.

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