Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chemistry Life

Don't be amazed that I post Chemistry stuff instead of Physics. I know you guys are dying to wish me becoming a Biologist or Astrophysicist. But I am not. =)

In our lives, we meet and bump into people. Now, that's Chemistry. Atoms and molecules randomly collide, slide, rotate and vibrate at different energy states (OK, energy states is a little bit about Physics). But the end results often create a huge variety of chemical soup (I know 'primordial soup' is a Biological term).

Now, let's see what kind of Chemistry is going on when two or more people meet:

Magnetite creation. This would cause some attraction and repel between people. You get the right polarity and you would be attracted by the other person.

Aspartame creation. Alright, if you don't know what it is, it's an artificial compound that sweetens food. Go find it in Coca-Cola. It's a thousand times sweeter than sugar. LOL. Yup, if you meet another person and create this, your life is going to be sweet for a long while. BUT, the sweetening will end eventually.

Acids/bases creation. Don't hope much. Your reaction makes everything happening between you and the person getting drier and drier, and sometimes toxic emerges. Go and rethink your energy level before 'bonding' with others.

Heavy atom creation. Yeah. Uranium, Roentgenium. You got that right. You and your partner bond so fast that you both become 1 single heavy atom. Don't get happy. You are damaging your people around you by constant fission and radiation. Keep away from me!

No reaction. LOL. What are you? Noble gases or something? Ego? Selfish? Or... autistic? Oh come on, there is a compound called Xenon difluoride. But, sadly, it happens under UV light. So, what's wrong with you when meeting people? Shy?

Diamond creation. This is one helluva bond. I don't know how you do it, but you and your partner seemed to be bond in a strong way. No fire, no water, no acid, no heavy atom is going to rip you apart. Unless a nuclear bomb, which, is illogical, since I am talking about Chemistry here guys. Treasure it, pal. I don't care that's your friend, lover or family, just keep it up! And oh, for the cold water, diamond kills diamond. Make sure you stay away from sharp diamonds around!

Reactive carbon creation. I don't take anymore examples. I would just say, hmm, for easy understanding, and I didn't say it's right: you are carbon. You bond with every available hydrogen, chlorides, aminos and whatever. You exist in everything organic. You are like a God. But, bye bye Carbon if I throw you Arsenic or UV ray. ZAP!

Salt creation. Needless to say. I guess acid and base reacted. But hey, although it's colourful and vibrant, I think you should watch out for other metals. THEY DISPLACE either YOU or YOUR PARTNER...

LOL... forgive me for craziness. I am out of human voice for a very long time, facing the computer and do nothing.

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