Thursday, May 26, 2011


3R's. Damn.

I never felt like this before. I feel like giving up everything. When I need someone to carry my weight, I couldn't find any. Am I as lonely as ever? Or is it everyone is afraid of me?

Maybe it's my face

Maybe it's my attitude

Maybe it's both

Why, in the world, I'd be like this?

I thought of having fun.

It's true then

my third semester sucks

Relationships ruin

Result devastated

What could be worse?

Joining RCM

was my best choice?

better choice?

or just a plain fun?

I am not blaming RCM

because my result

doesn't rely on it

I am just saying

the feeling is like

a tsunami.

The degree of happiness

rising day by day

since day 1

of RCM.

Then today

it crushes and crashes

down deeply.

I need someone

or something

to lift me up.

I did weightlifting explosively

I did play games to relieve myself

But all those fail.

Is it true

that a word

from a friend

might calm

the malevolent sea?




Save me.

1 comment:

  1. oii.. what happen pulak?? That day see u okok , some more ur pictures during RCM was nice. .. aww.