Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pantang Larang

Pantang larang = taboo (duh!)

Today I saw so many things that made me thought (again). I saw one of my friends wrote on Facebook "Boring...", then another friend commented on the status, saying: "I am here to un-bored you. LOL".

Then, the third person said: "Aiyor, so gay..."

I was like... @.@

Another instance, another friend (it's a different one OK?), wrote on someone's wall. Don't matter the details. It's just a random chat topic. And that someone didn't reply. So that friend asked whether the someone is busy. That someone replied, "Don't chat here la, later people think we gay."

I was like... @.@ again

Finally, the third scenario. Two guys chatting on Facebook via comments and stuff, but the chat stopped abruptly at the sixth or seventh comment, roughly. So my friend kepoh went to ask why the topic stopped. One of them replied 1 hour later, although he was online, saying: "Where got two guys chatting that long de? Weird la."

This time, I didn't @.@ because I was already unconscious.

Is it a taboo for a guy to post something on another guy's Facebook wall?
Is it a taboo for a guy to accompany another guy to chat?
Is it a taboo for a guy to chat super long with another guy?

Answer me people... I want to know...

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