Thursday, May 19, 2011


I love sembreaks. Not because they are holidays (hey, I don't have holidays in my life), but because they give me a reason to learn something.

I've set myself a difficult task: rewriting Death Waltz. I should have said, that song needed twenty fingers, or maybe more. So in other words, I have to split the song into a piano duet. And, I wrote a song called 'Petals on River'. Purely pentatonic.

They are both completed, within three days. Call me efficient? Effective? Nah, I need my younger brother's assistance. And yeah, one good news for you all (of my original song lovers): Me and my younger brother is coming up a new book. Awesome right?

That't not my main point of the blog though. =)


Right. It's actually my mom. She saw some of my friends' photos. I showed them to her. And, wow, lots of opinions, comments and suggestions. My mind is going to burst. Which friend is really a friend when you need them, which friend is only for your benefit... bla bla bla...

And she said: "You finally let go of someone, haven't you?"

I said: "Yeah, I am glad."

"How did you manage to..."

"It wasn't easy. But I keep telling myself, each semester is a chapter. No matter how, the chapter has to close. When it does, certain characters won't be appearing in the next chapter. We have to continue to flip the next page. No point lingering in the shadows of the past."

"I don't think you have shadows last chapter..." my mum smiled slyly.

"No, I don't. But although it is the greatest moment in life, I should have sought better ones."

"I see what you mean, don't put too much hope on someone..."

"I didn't. And I won't. I nearly did. But I see no point."

"But there is someone in one of your photos I would accept..."


"Never mind, time will tell. Just flip through the chapters... and when a character reappear and lend you a hand, you will know just exactly what you are looking for," she winked.

"Do I...?"

"No, you don't have to voice out your need of help. The help will be there even though you didn't ask for it. Just wait. Be patient..."

I can't wait for the next chapters, guys!
New Sem! New Life!

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