Wednesday, August 17, 2011



LOL. I don't feel anything high around, except when having fun with my SRC friends. Sampah Rubbish Committee konon... or maybe Serious Relationship Crisis... Whatever.

The best part of my day is having fun with SRC, chatting with my BF friends and... ask for donations. What the...

Went hom, get some rest, played DotA, Castle Fight and... nothing. Went to dinner with Andy and Waihong. I can't believe I ate that much LOL. But still feeling empty.

Went to Dancez Fiesta 2. Whatever. I got the same feedback/reactions from Waihong, Andy, Weiwei and her bunch of Music Club people.

Went home. Took a bath. DotA-ed, went to Mamak.

HAHA... guess where we ate? Eastlake.

HAHA... it's so peaceful and quiet and cold there till I don't have to worry seeing familiar faces. Talked and talked to Andy till 3 am. Not long though by my record but since I woke up at 6am abd lasted till 3am, consider not bad for my case, while Waihong went to makan with his 'brother'.

Yeah, after we chatted, it's true. It's better having a fun bunch of friends that particularly looking for the One. Haha. That makes me very much happy when I chatted with Andy. Looked like Similarities between us had won the day! (night).

In the end, I promised myself, I will bring Domdom, Weiwei and him out, or maybe Wendy. Muahaha... These people really make my day (night) every time.

Yumcha Bunch ROCKZ!

Well. That's my day.

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