Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~ Less than Three ~

I stood by the lake
Watching the lake glimmers
In reflection of the stars above
Somehow in me
Heart started to weep
I closed my eyes
Counting the days we've been through
And the days we collided
Never once I regretted
Sorry for tearing your heart
And ripping your soul
You made me proud because of your strength
I felt lucky to have you on my side
Looking out for me when I am lost in sea
Opening my heart when I stop believing
Very rare and very surprising
Everyone can misunderstand
You and I have so much similarities
Or so much smiles together
Understanding the real part
Was never going to be easy
Hoping you can understand
Every day
Nothing can stop me from thanking you
In a thousand words or just a picture
May you hear or see my heart
Every day
Every time
Till when we closed our eyes and never believe again
You must know
Often that not
Unbreak my heart is easy
But I choose to break it myself
Unbalance my emotion is easy
Too bad I am already unbalance in emotion
Opened my eyes
Watching your back stepping away
I blurred my vision as my tears clouded all over
Only you can sense my feelings
Nobody else could
Lies and deception
You know well that I keep everything in truth to you
Knowing that you are the one I trusted fully
Everything I have
Everything I know
Please tell me how you feel
I wonder who you are when you are with me
Till I thought I am thinking too much
Indeed, while I am
Never tell me that you are just playing with me
My heart tells me otherwise
You know I am strong in senses
Here I wish I can say something to you
Everything I have held back for so long
All the feelings I have kept for so long
Reach my hand
Touch my fingers
Heat from my heart will let you know
Orphaned from friends
Pushed away by buddies
Every single thing they did
You just say
Open your mind and forget them
Understand this
Understand me
Never forget I am with you always
Despair and death shall not await you
Envy and enemy shall not face you
Real love and trust
Sincere and care
To you ever
And you said those to me pretty clear
Now by the lake
Darkness consumed me...

Get the meaning from this. There is a summary hidden in here. If you think in pattern, or mathetmatically, you are able to find my message to you.

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