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Thursday, August 11, 2011


One of my friend's friend was ill. Badly. The high fever thing and shivering legs. My friend went over that friend's house for taking care. And before the ill friend went to sleep, my friend kissed that friend on the forehead.

I was...

I don't feel disgusted, but surprised why my friend did that.

"It is always a contact that keeps people warm and happy. A hug or a kiss, give them when they need them even though they don't ask for it..." my friend smiled.

I nodded very, very slowly...

When is the last time I kissed? Hmm. I think it goes a long way back when my mum was having my younger brother in her tummy. I kissed her every night just to make sure she slept well and my younger brother too (because he always kicked mummy... naughty naughty!)

I didn't kiss any friend. No way, not now, when everyone's mindset is utterly stranger than mine. Oops, I think it's my mindset which is alien enough to let people comprehend. A bear hug, a chest bump, a cheek palm, a neck wring etc.... all constitutes to two possible perception:

(1) Lovers

(2) Gays or lesbians

Now, the word 'friend' has changed its definition. No longer the word 'affection' is in the definition. Only as simple as "a person who is interpersonally connected which is stronger than associates".

Now, where is the word 'affection' or 'compassion'?


Speaking of kissing, I wonder who I can kiss now. OK, maybe won't be that drastic, perhaps some showing of affection and compassion?

Men don't kiss each other, but women do. Why? I still don't know the answer. Maybe it's a norm? a culture? or just mere ego that men are dominions?

Men and women kiss each other. Perhaps this is to show real love and affection.

So, men always claim that women are the weaker sex, but come on, because of you men egos, you can't kiss your own gender (of your similar generation, which, of course, excludes kissing a baby boy or a child. DUH!).

Or it isn't about ego?

Hmm, anyway, this word 'Kiss' made me TTM. LOL

So, who are you going to KISS right now?

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