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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Potato Party! IV

This is not my image, but the result would be approximate

Following up from previous series about making mashed potatoes, I have received complaints on mashed potatoes being wasted as nobody could finish it.

Don't WASTE the mashed potatoes! Keep them in a refrigerator for something awesome in the next day!

Right, now, take those leftover mashed potatoes (make sure it is warmed to room temperature, we don't want freezing mashed potatoes here) and put it into a big bowl. Add any ingredients you wished: cheese, parsley, oregano, chilli powder, curry powder, curry leaves, onions and bits of meat, and of course egg yolk.

Now, exactly how much egg yolk? 4 person servings require one egg yolk in the mixture. Mix well. Then, add some plain flour bit by bit, till the mixture is firm and slightly sticky. Mold it into any shape you want.

***This step is added if you are NOT making from leftover mashed potatoes but begin with FRESH mashed potatoes on the day you are making this thing***

Place it in the refrigerator to allow it to cool.

***This additional step ends***

Now, take the remaining eggs and beat them up. Coat the croquettes in those eggs and coat another layer with breadcrumbs.

Heat up the frying pan. OK, here's what I do: I don't put much oil, around 2cm deep will do. If you want deep fry, go ahead, but watch your heat. We don't want overfried exterior and undercooked interior!

That's it! Potato croquettes served!

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