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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's a Great Day

Alright, personal post for the first time ever on my blog.

Woke up suddenly at 7.35am in the morning, sensing that someone SMSed me for too long but never reply. Sure, it was bruder. LOL. Gotten up, took a deep breath so hard that somehow the nose suddenly to have mucous flowing out profusely. In the end? 15 minutes late in meeting my bruder at lakeside.


Went to school, frolicking from Block C, oops, I mean Student Pavilion 1 and walked to Heritage Hall for the Flea Market. It's been done, like what, 3 times? Dunno, and this is the first time I went there. *JUST TO SUPPORT RACHEL* and of course, have a see see.

We went there around 8.35am, browsing through the list of vendors, took our time filling up opinion poll... and Rachel's desk was still empty. I suggested we sat outside the Hall and staring at the road blankly to indicate our drying hopes. But we didn't do it.

9.10am, a UTAR staff pasted her name on her table, signifying her absence... we are still waiting.... then we sat outside and chatted and chatted, sent her an SMS saying "your table has been confiscated".... then...

She came.

Like what? 9.52am? With her Gardenia-like blouse with Shangaree and Nirosha. I was pretending to look disappointed and desperate while bruder fallen asleep (or dead) LOL. Stupid us.

Nice place for her. SUPER strategic. Position right between the nail art vendor and the... what? printer catridge vendor. *seeing colours guys*.

Alright there were five choices of Sand-witches [sic] and guess what, I didn't want any of those, I want ALL in one, same like my bruder request huh.

Anyway, we had one sardine+sausage and potato+cheese. Well, suppose each of us take that two sandwiches, but because bruder has been kind enough (As he always been) to let another Rachel's friend to have one, so, the potato+cheese sandwich was eaten half. So, yeah, we ate one and a half each.

Then, we went to buy corndogs, hotdogs or whateverdogs. I took one and he took another. I tell you, being SICK is SOOOOO FUN! LOL. I dunno why, maybe I can eat hotdogs and sandwiches when I am sick?


Then we returned to buy another potato+cheese.

I tell you, it's SUPERB!! The cheese and potato blend so well, with butter taste... it's really an OMG.... it's the best! And we agree on that!

OK, right, then I lunged my laptop to the library and studied. OK, I didn't do much! I confess! But at least one chapter finished!....

Anyway.... *yawn* I am feeling sleepy now.... so... gotta study one more chapter and go ngoingoi...

I like today. Maybe because it's relaxing while I am sick? Can eat good sand-witches [sic] and hotdogs? Study in the library with bruder?


Just love today. Hope it is like this everyday. That feeling is super nice!

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