Saturday, August 20, 2011

Potato Party! III

Potatoes potatoes and potatoes.

This time, I am going to help you all with mashed potatoes. I tell you, there are over a thousand variations of mashed potatoes, and I am going to help you bit by bit. It's gonna take you only 20 minutes to make a nice, warm, fluffy mashed potatoes.

Alright, to factorise the recipe equation, all potatoes are Holland potatoes, and boil them till tender in salted water (or plain water, it just do perfectly).

(i) Brown butter mashed potato

Melt butter in a saucepan, let it foam. Make sure you see those tiny bubbles bubbling and after that, simmer it under low heat till it turned brown. WATCH OUT! You don't want it to turn black and burnt!

When it is golden, take it off the heat, add a little milk to make it liquid.

Pour over the potatoes and add salt and black peper to taste. The more butter you simmer, the more buttery you potatoes you get! Try it yourself how buttery you want for your mashed potatoes!

(ii) Buttermilk mashed potato

Melt the butter again and pour it over the potatoes. Mash them as hard as you can, then add in sour cream to a thick mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste. You can omit the pepper and replace them with green onions instead, to give them a short sweet taste.

(iii) Cheese mashed potato

This time, instead of melting butter, throw in chunks of cheese into your hot potatoes. Mash them like never before. Add some oil to thin the mixture, olive oil preferably, or you can add milk as well. Either one will do.

You wan it to be cheesy? Just add more cheese. It's gonna be FAT and THICK.

Add in salt as well for taste, or maybe, again, pepper. Then add in some chives or oregano for taste.

There you go!

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