Sunday, August 14, 2011

Silly Facebooking

Aimi: Krystle, Kampar ada earthquake ke? Or its becoz Nirosha laughs & Rachel screams? Shangaree, can you feel the house shaking? x)

Krystle Patut la.. ingatkan kampar ada earthquake tadi... *wipes sweat off forehead* xD

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran heyyy i tout ah???

Aimi Huwaina dunno... aishhh... *worried*

Leong Min Zhi patutlah... here oso can feel, i tot malaysia got dinosau

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran i scared la....nanti something happen to our house..some more we all in upstairs

Aimi Huwaina omo. omg. its shaking again!!

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran OMG again..again

Leong Min Zhi i dun think it is safe anywhere pun... i can see the lakewater started broiling already... worse than tsunami i think, nowhere to hide.... and i saw the mountain nearby, i think oso got landslide... whoa;sodhgs

Krystle Low ‎*Grabs onto Aimi Huwaina*

Krystle Low WAIIIIIIT.

Leong Min Zhi oops, the last word was written like that because the tremor made me mistyped

Krystle Low ‎Leong Min Zhi, YOU ROCK.

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran weyyyy away from safe at all

Aimi Huwaina omg. 3rd time shaking!!!

Aimi Huwaina come on guys... lets pray to our own god...

Leong Min Zhi Shit.... i can't feel GRAVITY!!!!

Krystle Low ‎*smacks* If you didn't feel gravity, you'd be FLOATING, you idiot. LOL

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran gravity??? lol

Aimi Huwaina he must grab his laptop along then~

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran wey its tsunami i think

Aimi Huwaina OMG. THE WORST SHAKING....!!!

Krystle Low ‎*shakes head* our house is a goner..

Leong Min Zhi yala... i was shaken off from the earth surface..... trying to pull back.... ohmygod,myspacebarjustgots​hatteredintopieces.

Krystle Low Our neighbours are SO gonna kill us.. x]

Leong Min Zhi wasrachel'svoice?orwasitat​housandgrandpianojustbeing​pushedofffrommounteverest?

ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran wey its getting worst...


Leong Min Zhi ‎***I CAN SEE PLUTO*** (driftingi into space)


Leong Min Zhi it's amazing i m still able to grab my laptop and wander to the stars beyond... first human ambassador to galaxy

Krystle Low MAYDAY... ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran sees PLATO!

Nirosha Niro hahahaha.......u all should have watched the show....

Aimi Huwaina ‎ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran u can watt?? see plato?? omg. r u sure u still alive after d earthquake???

Leong Min Zhi LOL... i m trying not to laugh, so that i won't induce another earthquake...

Krystle Low I think if you laugh, it will be the end of the world...

Aimi Huwaina ‎Kay Chua, ur hse safe from the earthquake??

Krystle Low So quiet.. When normally his house noisy wan.. I think his house dah runtuh kot...

Rachel Yeoh WOIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!

Krystle Low Yes rachel? *blinks*

Rachel Yeoh aimi nak kena cekik ke? HUH?

Leong Min Zhi OMG!!!!!!!!! I saw boeing 767 just explode... according to the pilots, they heard a loud "WOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!" believed to be extraterrestrial in origin
Aimi Huwaina another earthquake!! run away people!!

Krystle Low ‎*high fives Leong Min Zhi*

Leong Min Zhi ‎*high fives Krystle Low*


Rachel Yeoh u 3 monkeys better watch out.

Krystle Low Monkeys? Where? *chews grass* mmbeeekkkk.

Leong Min Zhi OMG!!! the ET refers us as MONKEYS!!! IT is soo advanced till IT called us primitive monkeys!!!!

Leong Min Zhi The Earth is no longer safe... the ET talks by shouting WOIIIIIIIIIIIIIII and yelling MINZHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII​IIIIIIIIII

Aimi Huwaina ‎*roar* mana2?? i dunno there's monkey in the hse... i think the earthquake left some effect on u Rachel Yeoh...

Leong Min Zhi and it sings the christmas song... 'u better watch out, u better not cry...'

Rachel Yeoh pffft.

Leong Min Zhi OHMYGOSH!!! the ET is attempting communication with me!!! IT posted on my FACEBOOK wall!!!!! Help!!!! I don't want to be zapped into ash!!!

Aimi Huwaina another small earthquake Krystle Low, ShivaShangaree Chanasekaran!! goshh... i thought its stops ady...

Leong Min Zhi ‎2012 is near

Rachel Yeoh yes min zhi u better have a panic room cos i am gonna land my flying saucer on your rooftop, kidnap you and let my children eat you.

Krystle Low I think it went along the lines of 'OHMYGODTHATMINZHIARRR!!!'

Leong Min Zhi It speaks ENGLISH!!! Oh god, its learning speed is way too fast to comprehend... and WAIT, the ET has CHILDREN?... oh my god..... i m on my way to Noah's Ark now....

Leong Min Zhi anyway, i am in space, remember? I just saw Pluto passing by

Rachel Yeoh noah's ark is made of wood, i think u better be more advanced that THAT.

Leong Min Zhi Oh, didn't I mention, it's Noah's Ark 2.0? It is rocket powered.

Leong Min Zhi better than ur rotor blade....

Leong Min Zhi even u find my house, the roof is TRIANGULAR, how u land, I wonder?

Rachel Yeoh FYI, it does not need to land. humph!

Leong Min Zhi i tot u just told me u will land ur flying saucer on my rooftop? omg.... its advancing every minute... farewell, humanity

Rachel Yeoh yes, i'll teleport my kingdom here soon enough. :)

Nirosha Niro ahahahahaha........

Leong Min Zhi please, ur presence here is outweighing the earth's limit of weight... and u bring ur kingdom for... wat? by the time u breathe one gram of air, the earth is overweighted

Krystle Low ‎Leong Min Zhi, she's gonna teleport her KINGDOM. Be prepared to meet someone who looks like the HULK.

Leong Min Zhi oh please, krystle, she is already the hulk

Rachel Yeoh ok, i am officially going to eat u up.

Leong Min Zhi i just called Ultraman, he told me it is out of his power to help, he just peed in his pants

Leong Min Zhi Rachel, is there an official announcement somewhere? I can't find it on CNN, BBC, or even RTM

Rachel Yeoh just as planned.

Rachel Yeoh ultraman is no match to my POWER

Leong Min Zhi the power of SALAD, time to change costume krystle

Nirosha Niro rachel i juz called transformer to in....will be reaching soon...

Krystle Low Erm... Dude, we need to power up our powers first..

Leong Min Zhi LOL..... hope optimus prime wil throw his spare tyres on rachel's 'spare tyre'

Krystle Low ‎*HANDS BLADE*

Leong Min Zhi LOL..... i m using lightsaber now

Krystle Low The Jedi Broccoli... *gapes*

Leong Min Zhi the cauliflower musketeer... *faints*

Rachel Yeoh is that all you have! the first universal wars.

Leong Min Zhi I thought most aliens say "we come in peace", i think this Hulk says "we tear u in pieces".... serious shit man, no kidding

Aimi Huwaina ‎Abraham Sebastian, how r u? ur house still safe??

Abraham Sebastian hahaha...entah lah...ade gegaran sikit kot... hahahah...

Leong Min Zhi i tell u, even the toilet bowl oso scares of me... before i used it, it flushes it self.... dun scare me with wat wat first universal war, I dun scared pun.....

Krystle Low I think the whole of kampar has gone to pieces.. We're the only survivors of the hurricane RACHEL

Leong Min Zhi Abraham, ur house is made of shock asorber? wow... gegar skit oni... *envies*

Krystle Low OMG, Abraham Sebastian ANOTHER SURVIVOR!

Leong Min Zhi make her an alien name, called Rach ely eoh. Stupid long name though

Krystle Low too long la. Payah nak pronounce..

Leong Min Zhi ok, just call her ET, done

Krystle Low ET for Enormous Thunderous One.

Abraham Sebastian oh i thought you meant my house in taiping... got feel tremors lah... but i heard the origins from kampar...

Leong Min Zhi i tot malaysia no more existed?

Krystle Low There still might be survivors out there..

Aimi Huwaina wow... can see that the earthquake just now was sooo powerful... i wonder whats the magnitude...

Rachel Yeoh swt

Rachel Yeoh oh my gosh...almost one hundred comments! insanity.

Abraham Sebastian so it was actually the hulk's roar that caused it...??? interesting... no wonder no alerts went off, not natural earthquake... we should prepare a hulk roar detector or something...

Leong Min Zhi im copying the whole thing into my blog now...

Krystle Low We're gonna be FAMOUS! *blinks tears away*

Aimi Huwaina tissue please!

Krystle Low ‎*Hands you a whole box*

Rachel Yeoh yea. so i am playing the antagonist????

Krystle Low Rach, I think you're playing the TERRORIST. xD

Who's the most idiotic of all?


  1. wow... hahahaha... *swt* xD

  2. Ok, this better work the 4th time around... >.< Can't believe you actually put the whole conversation in. EDITED too.