Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sick Log

Log Entry 16 August 2011
Attended Dancez Fiesta 2 with Andy, WaiHong, Wendy, WeiWei, and whoever else I missed. Then I attended a YC session with Andy at EastLake MM. We ate till 3am in the morning while it's sad to say that I woke up at 6am before attending DF2.

This Log Entry is included in the Sick Log since bruder actually 'CLAIMS' that the late sleep causes my immunity breakdown even though I said I have none when I was with him till 3am.

Log Entry 17 August 2011
Prior to late sleep, the causal effect is obvious: Late wake. But not to the extend that I woke up later than noon. I woke at 10am. Then have to go rush for Arts & Crafts thingy. The sky was having constipation. Then it drizzled.

Before going for lunch with WaiHong and WeeLian, I went back home UNDER THE DRIZZLE.

No prize for guessing: I got a cold at night. Nose block.

Log Entry 18 August 2011
1Malaysia Carnival going on in Student Pavillion 1. I was supposed to collect donations for that Piece of Sh**, oops, Piece of Heart, or Hope? Dunno. Sick ady. Then 'accidentally' saw bruder and didn't do my donation thing. LOLs.

Sick man RULEZZZ!

After 2pm, my immune system drop to zero and I have to rush back. Haiz, I dunno how's the sale of the Currypuff without me sitting there helping Rachel. LOL. Because (perasan) I think whenever I sit there, people swarm in. HAHA.

Log Entry 19 August 2011
Couldn't wake up. Skipped class, (un)fortunately. Then thought of attending SRC meeting, (un)luckily the meeting is cancelled. But my head was very aching. And guess what, I still play DotA and Castle Fight. Crawling out from the bed sufferably just to play games.

Offing my handphone also made so many people nervous.

And that's when bruder came into knocking my door swaying the loaf of bread in front of my weary eyes. ==. Forcing me to eat 2 pieces of bread because 'Two is better than one~~~'. But it really made my day (night). And I went out to eat Wantan Mee and I drank pegaga juice without ice and sugar.

Grassy water.

Guess what, I tried Google translate pegaga by typing Chinese word 硼大碗 because I forgot what's it called in Malay (which is called pegaga after asking mum). And you know what Google gave me?

Boron bowl.

I laugh till I cough like an idiot in the room. What the hell!? Boron bowl. Yeah, I found the English term after asking mum, "Asiatic pennywort" wor... scientific name is centella asiatica.


Log Entry 20 August 2011
Feeling better already. No more 'dead man' look. But still coughing. Even washed my toilet in the morning dunno for what....

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