Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Potato Party! II

Due to the high readers feed, I am going to write another simple and quick recipe about potatoes. Same thing though, we are using Holland potatoes as it is smaller and tasteful than American potatoes. Note, I am not hating American potatoes, those are for French Fries making though. (How peculiar, AMERICAN potatoes for FRENCH fries. It's a globalisation effect anyway. XD)

OK, now, same thing, bring around anything absorbent to prevent your computer from being electrocuted from your saliva.

(2) Potato Cheese Balls

OK, a lot of similar variants circulating in the whole world, it's up to you what you want to put in. So, first thing's first, boil the potato till soft and remove the skin. Caution: HOT! Call your mummy to help you if you are frightened. Or you can just use any utensils to remove the skin.

Then, mash it. Mash it real hard. Or, in another way, you can mash around 80% with your fork, that would leave some textures for your balls, Oops, I mean Potato cheese balls. =P.

Next, add in cheese. Don't ask me how much, because I don't know how cheesy your balls you want, Oops again, I mean Potato cheese balls. =P.

You can use grated cheese (Parmesan or Mozzarella) or you can use normal cheese slices, but make sure it is torn into pieces so that it melts faster. Mix it.

Then, add in spring onions (chopped, of course).

Additional or optional ingredients are as follow:

(i) Cumin seeds

(ii) Coriander seeds / leaves

(iii) Chilli powder / chopped chilli / dried chilli

(iv) Green / red onions

(v) Kunyit powder

(vi) Curry powder

(vii) Curry leaves

Just think what you want in your balls, Oops again, I mean Potato cheese balls. Don't add meat, you silly billy!

Mix, mix and mix after you have added egg yolk. It depends how many egg yolks you need by judging the amount of balls you want, Oops again, I mean Potato cheese balls. I give you a rough ratio, 2 potatoes require 1 egg yolk. Helping much?

Then roll it to become balls, Oops again, I mean Potato cheese balls.

Dip them into batter. Alright, I totally forgot about the batter thingy. You can use just plain flour with water. But warn you, we don't want thick batter. I mean the batter should not be STICKY, it should be just in consistency. Just a thin batter to coat your balls, Oops again, I mean Potato cheese balls.

After dipping them into the thin batter, fry them till golden brown.

And there you have your balls done! Oops again, I mean your Potato Cheese Balls!


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