Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Potato Party!

Since the day I made my first own buttermilk mashed potato with oregano, I realise that potato is my food (next to durian and lamb, of course). Today, I am going to blog something special. It's not about any of my short stories, novels, songs, philosophies, EMOs, or event stories.

Yeah, no prizes for guessing right.

It's about


Potato is a very unique vegetable for me because it is so versatile. You can cook it anyway you want. Bake it, fry it, steam it, saute it, blend it, stuff it, mash it, spread it, roast it... and the list goes on and on.

It's like white rice. You can do whatever you want with a potato. Its sweetness (but not too sweet), starchy (not too starchy) and smoothness really can make one's tummy filled and still crave for more.

Who cares about the legendary fart you release after eating too much?

We are HUMANS, we are BORN to SATISFY our TONGUE needs.


Alright, stop blabbering and ketam-ing (if you still don't know the meaning of this ketam, go search my archives for the blogpost 'KETAM'), this is a post about my favourite potato cooking styles!

WARNING: Prepare napkins, tissues or handkerchiefs to wipe your saliva. Get a diaper around your mouth if you drool profusely.

(1) Cheese-stuffed/coated potatoes

There are many ways to cook this. This is my way:

You wash the potatoes clean. Scrub the skins because it is going to be eaten. Then boil it in a pot of water till soft. Use your fork to test its softness. Then remove them from the pot and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Then, you halve the potatoes. Core them out using whatever tools useful enough (spoons, knife, spatula, fork, but hell no, no chopsticks). The cores are to be mashed later, so don't waste them (Just think of the poor people without food, will ya?). Be careful! Leave one or two centimetres of flesh! You don't want to core them out till you leave skins only!

The mashed fillings you can add in whatever you want, but please, if you added salted butter, add lesser salt. You don't want your potatoes to taste like salted fish or squids. But butter is required to add some fragrance. Add milk to neutralise the numbing potato taste. Mix it around. Other ingredients to be added:

(i) Sweet corn (to add texture and sweetness)

(ii) Herbs and spices (coriander, chives, oregano, thymes. Don't add Rosemary. It's for spicing up meat, not vegetables)

(iii) More milk (to add the super milky taste so that the mashed doesn't taste too potato-ey)

(iv) Thin, chipped meats like bacon or chicken. No beef or lamb please. The meats are too incompatible with the stuffing. Fish? Don't even think about it.

(v) Onions and chillis, curry powder or kunyit (Thai style or Indian style, anyone?)

Please, use your imagination. Potato is so versatile when it comes into tasting and mixing.

Now, after mashing up those potato fillings, focus on the shell potatoes which you have cored them out. Layer the cheese around the lining, or in simpler words, put a layer in the potatoes. Then, put a few butter stripes on it. Next fill the potatoes with your previous fillings, then cover it with another layer of cheese (like pizza, you know). The more cheese, the better. Make sure the filling cannot be seen!

Finally, sprinkle some oregano powder, or black pepper, or thyme powder, or coriander, parsley, or even chilli powder on the cheese.

Bake them or roast them till the cheese melts!

Now you have something like pizza, but like cheese bread, with mashed potato. 3 in 1!

Illustration purpose only. The effect depends on your cooking, guys~


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