Thursday, August 18, 2011


Every time I want to start this kind of post, I just clicked Ctrl+A and delete. I don't know why. This time, I am going to brave myself and write whatever I want and wish. It's my blog anyway. I don't care if people mind or not.

Remember the Cycle (yeah, it's always been the Cycle)? I think I found my answer already as in why it happens. I am being paranoic and I drew a whole diagram just to illustrate what went wrong. In there, I found several similarities why the Cycle happened.

I took note of it.

And then I threw it away.

And I realise the potential damage going to incur on me this semester and the next till I graduate. So, this time, instead of going with the flow, or against the flow, I just STEP OUT from the flow.

Who cares if you treat me super good?
Who cares if you wipe my sweat off my forehead?
Who cares if you help me in my homework?
Who cares if you bring me for a vacation?
Who cares if you make me laugh when I am sad?
Who cares if you think I am your best friend?

I am just


I don't give a damn on doing great things now. Helping people is a waste of time. Correction: helping people who I KNOW TOO MUCH is a waste of time. Just being myself, wake up, go to school, listen to lectures and tutorials, eat, back home, sleep, perhaps DotA or some study.

Relationships? Nah, just throw it away.

I just want to have a superficial relationship with everyone. Just like the previous (or previous previous previous previous) blog I wrote about Fairness. I just treat everyone the same. No bias, no favouritism.

You have two eyes, so have I
You have a nose, so have I
You have two ears, so have I
You have a heart, so have I

So, tell me, why would I want to treat you differently (either positively or negatively)?

You are just a human like anyone else.

To live in a world of fair and no discrimination, I would rather do that. Sadness comes from the heart where what you desire is not up to your expectation.

Why would you expect someone to be like what you think?

We are humans, not machines.

We cannot be programmed.

We do what we like.

And very seldom, you can find someone who do what you like, or do what you BOTH like.

Face it, reality sucks, we always know that and we still avoiding it.

So, what 'bros' and 'sis', what 'yo' and 'hi', let's keep it simple:

Just smile and walk away.

I don't wish my emotions being affected by your special treatment.


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