Sunday, August 7, 2011

Birthday Beebees

My friends told me: "Your birthday is as if it's not a birthday."

Don't know what flavour cake I love
Don't know what food I like
Don't know what present I wish
Don't know what party I like
Don't know who will be there
Don't know...

Is it a sad thing that my friends don't know anything about me? (Except being lame, funny, dark, serious, fierce, nonsensical etc)

I think my friends don't know my material needs. I think. LOL. Because I am old-fashioned, outdated and ancient. Like a wizard waiting time to pass.


Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. At least I know what I can do for her.

Alright. I should stop playing 100% mysterious.

I tell you:
I don't like chocolate cake (it's too common and messy to eat with)
I don't take beef. I prefer lamb more. All seafood.
I love books, any decoration that signifies myself or my relationship with the gifter.
I don't prefer party, I prefer one company, or maybe 3 or 4, no more than 6 please. XD. Antisocial dude is me.

There you go. So perasan that next year birthday someone will celebrate for me. ==.

Save your wishes. I won't be online and won't be in Kampar because it's a SATURDAY!!!.

I be at my hometown eating red eggs.

So don't put any hope that I am still at Kampar by the day. BLEK!

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  1. =D

    Great to know that u're still alive and kicking