Sunday, August 28, 2011


Dear Fizan aka Ha Fei Zhan:

This is the 2nd post I write about you...

I miss you a lot.

I remember the thing you did that made me wanna cry is when you stood in front of the class and puji me as your best buddy and will never forget me. I am so terharu. I wanna cry.

I miss you a lot

I can't forget the days I took care of your fever. Hehe, and made you a list of 'what to do' and 'what not to do'. Even though we are from different skuadron. I remember when Fahmi told me when you had a fall in your dorm, I was so panicked. I quickly find the cream in my bag and gave it to you for free.

I hope you are alright.

I remembered you called me when it is my birthday. I was so happy till I dunno what to say. I was surprised! I missed your voice. I hope I can hear it again during my next birthday!

FeiZ & MZ

This is what you wrote in my book, remember? You wished I can play piano for you. Do you know, there is a song that I never played for anyone else? I will only play it once I play for you to listen.

I am waiting for that day.

Lagu piano tu janji saya bahawa saya akan main untuk you. Khas untuk you.

I will wait for the day, when I have my own transport. I SURELY will find you and have fun with you (and also Ikin, hehe).

I am so sorry this Raya I can't celebrate with you again. I am so so so sorry. But in my heart, I still wish you the best!

Mein freund! My buddy! My beloved buddy! My forever buddy!

Your beloved buddy, too

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