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Sunday, August 28, 2011


So what if you are like this? So what? So damned what? You are just you, I am just me =).

This is (probably) my final post of blog in this sem. Don't worry, for those who wants to see me REAL PERSONAL UPCLOSE blog, you can still find it. (If you can break the code: "Love")

This whole sem I have been experiencing more ups and downs than previous sem and yet I still complain previous sem SUCKS. So, I rectify it. It's this sem SUCKS. So many uncertainties. So many truths. So many un-truths. So many emotions. So many shitty hints.

Nobody has been straightforward to me this semester, which I was a little sad (but expected).

So, here it is, my VOICE:

You think you being close with me and you can still hide the truth? I am hinting you again and again to tell me truth and yet you choose to either act ignorant or just deny it. OK, fine, I take it as you don't get my hint.

But what? You think you can get closer than you think? Oh please, I am just pretending and give you an idea that I don't know anything which in fact, I DO. Continue to lie to me, or hide from me. It's OK, I have lived with lies for more than you can imagine.

I don't want to waste any breath on you anymore. Fortunately next semester, woohoo, I am so busy. I won't even have space in my mind to let you stay, not to say TIME! Ha.

Here, I thank GOD that I am born this way with an old, classical mind than yours. I am able to see things clearly and stand independently without taking sides. It's true for what I said about your friends and yourself, even though you tried to comfort back with all packs of lies or elusive tactics.

Oh, come on. You think I didn't sense it?

Never mind, this sem is coming to an end anyway. So is my time here. I think GOD let me know you such a person is to warn me about people who is kind but deadly.

You are one big living breathing example which I will carry on in my life.

Yeah, continue with your effort in bringing both of us closer, you see, when time comes, every truth will blurt out. It won't be me the one who blurt the truth. When the truth comes out, I would just let you stand there and solve it yourself.

No, that time don't beg for my forgiveness. I have given you enough chances. =)

This sem is FUN because of YOU, idiot.


Alright, it sounded sharp (but not harsh enough).

Bye (not bye-ing on you, idiot)

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